1980-90 GS

led lights for your GS gauges:

 small led lights for your voltmeter & tachometer or clock:  The oem incandescent bulb in your voltmeter and tachometer are a dim yellow. These leds have a wide angle viewing field (no focusing lens like others) to edge light your guage face bright white.


2 led pack to light your voltmeter and tach bright white: $5.00









oem tach bulbs and led speedo light on my ’89 Bumblebee:                           all led bulbs


BRIGHT white led for your GS speedometer: This is the larger size bayonet socket with several chips to give you a brightly lit gauge.

1 speedo led to light your gauge bright white: $4.00

US shipping for just these bulb packs will be $8 via USPS priority mail in a padded envelope.



New Year’s Update:

Greetings Fellow Airheads and Happy New Year!

Here’s an update for 2018: We have ordered the circuit boards for the new KATDASH GS. We hope to receive them from manufacturing by Mid-January.

They will each have 2 leds per indicator as with our other KATDASH led dash boards. The GEN circuit is designed specifically to have enough current to energize your alternator and get the charging system charging. We have sold over 700 units worldwide (14 countries & 48 states in the US) with this charging circuit, and so far every one seems to be working as designed. In addition to the stock green turn signal indicator- we will offer a unit with an amber turn signal indicator.

Meanwhile, we are finalizing our telltale (the plastic frame for the pcb & lenses) design and assembly process. The telltales will be 3d printed with multi-jet fusion in black nylon. We have found this 3d printing method to give us the best finish, and the finest resolution of the various plastic printing processes. It is just too expensive to do molds for the limited quantity /market at this time. The lenses on the telltale are colored acrylic with a diffusing surface on the rear face, and an antiglare coating on the top face.

With the top cover snapped on, they are virtually indistinguishable from the oem telltale. When they are lit, the dual leds are visually different from the single oem bulb. The led hotspots are minimal- much better than the oem, and the colors are better- they’re not so washed out; especially the green lenses.

KATDASH GS w/amber turn indicator  ][    oem telltale   ][    KATDASH GS w/ stock green indicator

This photo does not show the lenses with the anti-glare and function labels- I am waiting for the material. Hopefully it will all come together over the next 2 weeks. As soon as we have them available to ship, they will be here on our website. Thanks for your support-

Happy New Year!

Kat & Paul

FYI- the turn signal poll is still at the bottom of this page, if you would like to vote. Thanks!


Update on the KATDASH GS development    Oct. 2017

I have been working on both the 1980-90 GS telltale plastic frame & lenses, as well as an led pcb. One of my main concerns is the hotspots that leds will show through the simply clear, with a matte coating oem lens. In fact- the oem bulbs have hot spots as well! I have experimented with different textures on plain colored lenses as well as molded/prism lenses to diffuse the hot-spots. Turns out, really the only way to do it properly is with a prism lens. This means molding, which is turning out to be very, VERY expensive. Especially for the small part runs. This is a very small, niche market.
I want to keep them (relatively) inexpensive- but I want to do them right. At the moment, it looks like we will be postponing any mold tooling and parts runs until 2018. We just don’t have the money to do it this fall.

We are moving forward with the led printed circuit board. Paul is working the design/manufacture drawings now. We hope to go to production with these soon.
Here is a photo of some of the prototyping I’ve been working on:

Left: my test transparent colored lenses with mechanical (ie sandpaper) diffusion on the rear (inner) face and led lights.

Center: oem telltale lenses and oem bulbs

Right: oem telltale lenses with led lights.

Maybe I’m being too much of a perfectionist for something you only look at for about 4 seconds. But seems to me, that if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right. I welcome any comments from GS riders, please email me at:  Kat

PS: as you can see (left) I’m still working on having the option of an amber turn signal ; )  The original poll shows that many riders would like the option.


August 2017- Projects in the works:

We have started development of a led PCB for the R80 G/S, R80 GS,  R100GS 87-90 & R100 GSPD 89-90- basically, all the GS models with the 5 indicator dash that looks like this.   The part number is: 62 14 1 244 756 and it originally came with both the white lens frame and the printed circuit board. Currently, only the bulb pcb is available, I think Siebenrock is making them. They are also making other cockpit parts, but no one is making the lens frame.

We are looking to re-manufacture this piece with a new led pcb. We would sell these as a package assembly like the original: both the lens frame and the led pcb together. We are in the beginning of design & development and would like to get as much feedback as possible from the 1980-90 GS riders out there. Several riders have told us they’d like the option of an amber turn signal indicator, So I’ve set up a poll question:

How about an AMBER turn signal indicator? It would match the actual turn signal color, and differentiate it from the Neutral light:

Would you prefer an Amber, or a Green turn signal?

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