Customers’ reviews

Here are some of our KATDASH customers  and their comments:

Wow, wow, wow. I’ve been driving home at night with no tach or hi beam light because I was reluctant to change bulbs one more time. Because of 40 year old connectors. This is an awesome modernization! Thanks for a great product. 
Brian Hartman  1992 R100RS


Very satisfied with this upgrade. Instructions were A+ and product quality is as good as it gets. Your product makes a great contribution to keeping these wonderful machines alive. Mt R80RT & I thank you.
Don Rubino, R80RT                                                                                                                                Missouri


I helped a friend install the KATDASH in his R100/7 instrument cluster. It took about 20 minutes and we laughed because it was so easy and certainly didn’t need two of us. But his new indicator lighting is superb.
Colt Self  (via Facebook)                                                                                                                         California


I bought a /6 and /7 led board from you and the lights for the clock and amp meter. Love the upgrade. I need 1 more for my R90S that was in the vintage show. I’ll buy it next week, at the MOA Rally. Thanks.
Michael Fair.  R90S                                                                                                                                Tennessee


I have two of them, one for the wife’s bike with R80RT instruments, and one for my 1981 R80GS. Both are superb units and well worth the cost.
Robert Bolton,  1981 R80GS  (via Facebook)                                                                                          Texas


One thing that has bugged me about my 1979 R100S is that I could not see the blue high beam indicator light. The other instrument lights were “adequate”, but just barely.I just knew there had to be a fix for this… and KATDASH was the answer. Very well engineered high quality product, detailed installation instructions, only took one hour to install. I highly recommend KATDASH to every loyal Airhead owner.
Brian ‘Tink’ Tinkler  1979 R100S                    California


Just finished installing this on my son’s R75. Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks. I spent hours soldering and trying all kinds of different metal foil to get the old one to work. Just a matter of time when a big bump would break the solder joint. This is a MUST HAVE. Thanks again.
Thom Search (via Facebook)                                                                                                                   Georgia


Kat, I installed my KATDASH  this past weekend and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I have 521 thousand miles on my R90, and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the old copper circuit board. I could no longer ride at night, because the instrument lights didn’t work, and I’ve just been very frustrated with repeatedly trying to keep the old circuit board functioning. I couldn’t be more pleased with the new KATDASH circuit board. Thank you so much for making this great product.
Robert Enterline,  1976 R90/6                                                                                                                  Ohio


Dear Kat,  This week I received an 7880 for my ’78 R100S from Motorworks. During the replacement today I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the detailed instructions, so I would like to thank you for that. I do have (like we say in Holland) two right-hands and do a lot of fixing up on the bike myself, but your comments about the ’40 year old plastic’ really got me in the ‘careful’ mode with this unit. I need to attach it again, but I’m very sure all will be just fine.  So thanks again, best regards,
Rutger deGraaf,   1978 R100S                                                                                                                   Holland


Dear Kat, I don’t know how you made it, but you managed it the parcel arrived exactly at my birthday! Immediately I replaced the old dash board lights from 1975! Find attached some pictures! It’s amazing! I didn’t expect such a good quality! Thanks also to Paul for his design!
Wolfgang Schöbel,  1975 R60/6                             Germany




Hi Kat,  Thought I should drop you a note and say I have fitted the tell tale lens panel and circuit board, plus the LED lamps for the other instruments. This is a tidy well fitting upgrade with improved instrument visibility that I would not hesitate to recommend to others. Thanks for the time and effort you put into developing a great solution that helps keep our old bikes on the road. I have attached a couple of photos of what I removed. Clearly the old circuit board had failed and the previous owner made up the metal plate for the bulb holders and held it in place by wrapping the lens panel and bulb holders together with tape. The black plugs were crimped onto the original wires and it did work, although was very bulky.
Peter Barnett,  R80 GS                                                                                                                      New Zealand


Hello Kathryn, I’ve just fitted your dashboard in a customer’s bike. Pretty Bloody impressive! Thank you very, very much!

David Woodburn,   Barnsley Motor Werks                                                                                            Georgia


Kat, I am so glad you designed the led circuit board for the BMW G/S’s, Here are a couple of pictures of my bike.  Installed, the OEM cover and your led telltale work perfectly together, the cover snaps into place and does not rattle like the OEM cover does. You can also take the cover off without breaking the stays that usually break off on the OEM cover. The leds are bright enough to see during the day, but not too bright to blind the rider at night. The OEM charging system works correctly with your board, along with the OEM blinkers. I have used your led telltale assembly with the replacement Siebenrock cover and your led board works perfectly with this cover also. The KATDASH GS telltale is a tight fit into the headlight surround and does not rattle or vibrate inside the headlight cover like the OEM board does. 
I also have a 1974 R60/6 that I have owned since 1976, the high beam indicator has not worked for 34 years. This winter I will be installing your KATDASH led instrument replacement bulb holder, it will be nice to be able to clearly see the gauges at night and to also have a working high beam indicator.
Thanks again for giving us options for the parts that BMW does not produce anymore!
Ronnie Weinzapfel,   1989 R100GS                                                                                                                  Texas



Hi Kat,  Thanks so much for shipping out my order so quickly. It was an easy install, the directions are superb, and everything works great!  Thank you for putting out a great product and the super customer support.
Chris Duffy,   R90S                                                                                                                                          Maine


Hey Kat, nice to meet you at the RA rally in PA. Your kit for the /5 was excellent with all parts included with exceptional instructions with pictures. Well worth the price and quality of the bulbs and harnesses provided. The results are excellent and the instrument is bedazzled with bright colored jewels shining intensely. I had the instrument rebuilt years ago with new faces and needles and now with the conversion to LED’s it is stunning!.

Cap Pooler,   1972 R60/5                                                                                                                              Florida


Hi,  In the last couple of months, I bought your KatDash instrument lamp replacement (via Bob’s BMW) and the turn-signal relay replacement plus instrument hoods (via your site). They all went into my ’76 R90. Great documentation on the electronic parts made installation a piece of cake. Nice work all-round, IMO (and I’m an EE too). I’m looking forward to a more reliable future with my R90.
James Crain,   1976 R90/6                                                                                                                           Missouri


I just got mine on Friday evening from a NM Airhead. I installed it Saturday morning in about an hour, including some messing around. Could not be more pleased with the product and results.
Rick Larson,                                                                                                                                      New Mexico


NOW those are dash lights!! Thanks Kat!! 
Don Wreyford,                                     Colorado







Thanks Kat!  Katdash GS installed perfectly! Luv your work! It really is PLUG and PLAY!!! 😊 Check out what it replaced! Original ’81 G/S…..busted and glued back together umpteen times!!! Great trouble free service and postage very reasonable!  Thanks again.
Mark Phelan, 1981 R80 G/S                         Victoria,  Austrailia



I finished installing the Katdash on my 1985 R80 G/S last week. During the install I found I had many wiring problems inside the headlight shell. The previous owner had replaced the ignition switch at some point while in possession of a sharp knife and a six-pack. Everything is fine now, and works perfectly. I love the brightness of the dash too. I had a problem getting the LED speedo light to work- until I remembered that LEDs care about polarity. That was a “duh” moment for sure. That might be something to mention in the installation instructions some where. Other than that your instructions are excellent. Keep up the good work- You’re doing a great job!
Don Marr, 1985 R80 G/S                                                                                                                       Washington


I Just installed the GS led board, kept the OEM lens, on my 89gs….. Awesome. All good! Easy and nice lighting.
Graham McGregor,  1989 R100GS                                                                                                 Ontario, Canada


6 years ago I started work restoring a 74 R90/6.   One of the last glitches I had with it was that the high beam indicator didn’t work, and there was no instrument lighting which was somewhat of a PITA when riding at night.   I had taken apart the instrument cluster a couple of times to replace the bulbs with no joy, and the pcb/traces for the lights in the cluster had been hacked by some prior owner with all sorts of small copper flex wire soldered in various spots.     As the traces were NLA I had the choice of trying to buy a spare cluster for parts, or trying to repair/replace bulbs.   After spending $60 in bulbs and s/h I gave up and just rode the bike and enjoyed it, but I definitely avoided riding at night.     When the Katdash beta program popped up I wanted to be involved but was too busy workwise to make it out to the rally where they were installing them so I waited until the finished product was done.   Installation was a breeze, and was so easy to install I think my 3 ½ year old grandson could do it with me looking over his shoulder (can you operate a screwdriver?).   The product came with new seals for my cluster which was a very nice touch.   To say that I am happy with the end result would be an understatement.  I no longer have to squint in bright sunlight to tell if my neutral is illuminated or if the gen light is flashing, and I can ride at night and actually see my instruments, and my high beam indicator works for the first time in 6 years!!  I’ve become so used to it’s great performance that I put it on a second bike I’m putting back on the road and I’ve put a third in a friends bike.   I’m a very satisfied customer!!  
Dave Fahringer, 1974 R90/6                                                                                                                          Illinois


By far the best and least expensive upgrade I have  given my 1984 R80RT! Get yourself one!
Sean Foley, 1984 R80 RT                                                                                                                             Michigan


Winter is here, and it’s now completely dark most of the time for my rides to & from work. Finally got the RS back into the rotation, it had been down awhile waiting for me to do tire changes. While it was in the garage, I put in the instrument pod PCB and added the LEDs for the clock & voltmeter. Verdict? They’re FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC!!! (Sorry for yelling.) WHOO-HOO!
I am so totally thrilled with the results, I kept looking down at the glow of the instruments and smiling. Damn, they’re nice. The best, most noticeable upgrade I’ve done in a long, long time.

Pete Bashaw,                                                                                                                                             Washington



I recently upgraded my dash to the led offered by KatDash.  What an amazing transformation! I can see the in dash indicators far better in the day, and my green “glow” instruments shown at night are perfect for night riding.  Not too bright,  perfect for keeping up to date on speed, rpm, volts and time.  The best upgrade on the old bike today!
Dan LaPorte, 1983 R100  (Custom green instrument lights)                                                                Louisiana









Hi Kat, Yesterday I received the package, the Dutch customs did not charge me import-tax 🙂 lucky me ! I have mounted it today, and it is brilliant: tacho and rev-counter brightly lit, red/green/blue indication lights too. Money well spent, thanks for a good product !
Dirk Kooiker,                                                                                                                                                    Holland


Kat, I wish you could see the smile on my face tonight, after I installed your unit.  Everything works again!!!   After so many years…that really feels good.  I put a note on the MOA Airhead thread expressing my pleasure.  My short test ride turned into a late night ride around town.  My 12 year old dog picked up on the mood, and I was chasing him around the house like a puppy.
THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!   I might even order a spare, in case you quit making them.  But about the time I do that, you’ll come out with Version 2.   🙂
Howard Edwards ,  R90/6,                                                                                                                               Illinois


Nice product.  Glad to see a quality, well designed and produced part for aftermarket BMW replacement parts. Works and looks beautiful. Glad to handle and sell your Katdash.
Glen Bishop,  Thoroughbred Cycles                                                                                                         Wisconsin


Kat, Thank you for the great product.  I just installed it on my 1979 R100RT.  Works great and much brighter – I can see the dials when it’s dusk now.
Kevin Maguire, R100RT               British Columbia, Canada







I would like to complement you about your website, wonderful photos, excellent user friendly shopping.  I recently had a speedometer instrument light go out. Was going to take it apart and thought, “Why not go ahead and do it right with a KAT DASH?” So I did, as I had problems with my R100S years ago, the copper tin foil.
Thanks very much, it looks better than the OEM BMW part, plus the other items are extremely reasonable prices. Hope you had a great time at Salt Lake City. 
The attached photo is of my brother and me (right) with our identical 1979 R100RT BMWs. 
Doran Sheilds,  R100S                                Nebraska


Kat, just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and to spread the story for you on the Katdash. I am a member of the BMW Motor Cycle Club of Victoria (Australia, not the place in British Columbia). One of our members purchased a Katdash  and was extremely happy with it. I decided to purchase one for my R100 and before I knew it the order had grown to include 1 x R80, 2 x R65, 1 x R100CS, 6 x R100RS, 1 x R100/7 , 1 x R90s & 1 x 90/6. Lots have been installed and are working as described, many are sitting in the project line waiting there turn in members’ garages. On top of this, I am about to send another order for 13 units. Great product, great services!
Peter Ramadge,  BMWMCC Vic                                                                                                  Victoria, Austrailia


Hello Kat,
Many thanks from Munich. Last week I got. your parcel out from Custom and today I started to get through your excellent assembly Instruction. Not more than 20 minutes and its 100% convincing !  The quality of your parts including the lovely made Transport Security device is outstanding ! I’m working now over 20 years in the German Automotive Industry and the level of your parts is quite higher than the regular BMW Standard. Well done! Best regards from Munich!

Michael Six- 1978 R100                                Germany




I FINALLY got around to installing my KATDASH yesterday, in the R100(fakeS). I gotta say, the install was easy, everything fit perfectly, all the lamps work as expected. After riding 20 miles last evening. I have an odd wish. I wish that all of my idiot lights would stay on all the time, because they look so pretty. Maybe if I drain out the oil and pull a wire off the stator….that oughtta do it!
Tom Cutter, Rubber Chicken Racing Garage- 1979 R100                                                            Pennsylvania


Last month I succeeded in finding a couple hours’ time to install the new, modified KatDash LED instrument panel. Inside I found the original seal and foam were in place, but were well on their way to becoming “fossilized” and brittle. I definitely think the few dollars for the seal kit parts was well spent!  
I had a somewhat “special” situation in which I needed to install the KatDash panel on my 1978 R100/7 with its original wire harness, but the instrument cluster I have is from 1981. Kat offered to modify the 8195 model so that it would work OK with my older /7 wire harness connections, as long as I didn’t mind not having a “brake failure” light (which doesn’t exist on the 81-95 instruments anyway). I said “Sure!” and within a week I had the unit at my doorstep. If you are reasonably competent with screwdrivers and small tools you can install a very effective upgrade to your old airhead in a few hours’ time.I can now easily see all my indicators clearly, even in sunlight, and the speedometer and tachometer illumination at night is very good. Count me as a very satisfied customer!
The above is an exerpt from Mike’s full review. See the full article here: Tales from the Roadside
Mike Fugere,  1978 R100/7                                                                                                          New Hampshire


I cannot say enough in complimenting the KATDASH LED board.  Finally, world-class instrumentation for my world-class bike. Thanks to Kat and Paul for their hospitality and for walking me through the easy, straightforward installation process. If you’re riding an Airhead with original lights, or an ad-hoc LED “conversion,” you don’t know what you’re missing!
Andy Frobig-  1974 R90/6                            New York City



We just returned from our first trip with katdash instrument lighting on my ’81 R100 EML sidecar rig. How nice not to have to use my hand to shade the dash to see if that was the generator light or the sun’s reflection glowing. It’s a great product – job well done to you!
Judy Miller-  1981 R100 sidecar                                                                                                                      Florida


Thanks so much to Terry Vrla and Kat Connell! 
Sophia, my ’79 RS has an odometer that works and I can read the speedo at night with a new Katdash led board. The speedo light has been out since I got her in 2008. So nighttime rides had to depend on the tach for speed which is OK, but it is really nice to have it lit. And the rest of the instruments just look 100% better. I love the KATDASH! Thanks for creating it.
Splinter Wrenn- 1979 R100 RS


Hello Kat,  I’m no stranger to measuring “customer satisfaction” in my professional life, so let me just tell you that you’ve got another one!
First wonderful quality and packaging, made it to Switzerland with no issues – thanks for making that easy. Next, truly plug-&-play, the on-line installation instructions are clear & simple, and the gasket set & screws are a nice touch to make the experience complete. Lastly, a turn of the key and for the first time in 20 years of ownership, everything is brightly lit and fully functional. First impression is a “wow”, my 1974 R90S is a rider so I appreciate it already.

Kirk Ratzel-    1974  R90/S                      Switzerland



I received the kit yesterday and had it installed in less than an hour. The LED package is very high quality and lights up my old gauges better than expected. (in the garage at least with a Detroit winter in full swing).
Loved the way the new foam gaskets fit perfectly! Honestly, I didn’t even know there were gaskets on that cover but mine were very, very worn. Glad I bought the kit from you. Stainless steel screws are very nice as well. Thanks again.   Jan. 2017

Rick Griffin-   1974 R90S                                                                                                                              Michigan


First off you should run for office, you are my new hero.  Installed the dash unite with your directions and everything worked except the light on the flasher stayed on.  Your clear fix for this was on FAQ, so a new flasher was ordered.  Mail came at 2 PM and by 3 it worked like a champ.  Your directions were so clear and simple that even a government employee could have done the job.  This retired cabinet maker who has been riding and maintaining bikes for 65 years has NEVER had better directions for installing parts than yours.
I can now see the neutral light at all times, the turn light flashes bright enough to get my attention and I’ll be able to see the gauges at night, and no more #***** bulb changes. Many thanks for service.
Don Hilston                                                                                                                                                     Florida


Got around to putting mine in this afternoon. Everything works again! Yipee! 
Steven Davies                       NSW  Austrailia




Hi Kat, I installed the KATDASH module and seals kit I bought from you recently on my ’75 R90/6 this weekend and want to tell you how pleased I am with how bright the dash lights are now, particularly the tach and speedo face lights. I had previously installed a used o.e.m. module I got from Repsycle BMW and new bulbs with less than complete success.
I’m glad I have this and want to complement you on a great product. BRILLIANT! (Surely I’m not the first to say so.) Thanks. 
John Crawford- 1975 R90/6                                                                                           British Columbia, Canada



Today I installed my new KatDash instrument LED lighting unit. W0W ! I now have dash lights that I didn’t know I had. (chuckle) My 1979 print circuit board was just TOO old to be of much use any more. The KatDash unit is a joy to work with. Everything is thought out including replacement gaskets. It goes together without any fuss or trouble.  
George Haggerty- 1979 R100 RT Sidecar                                                                                                Vermont


 Hi Kat, I just wanted to let you know I installed the new instrument light panel last weekend and love it! We had a 60 degree day here in Chicago last weekend and I took advantage of it! The whole install took less than an hour! It’s so nice to have a neutral light and a generator light again! I can’t believe how bright it is! Thanks again!  Jan. 2017

Ben Robertson-    1975  R75/6                      Illinois



I got my led board last Saturday and installed it. On my test ride Sunday it was apparent the improvement was significant. My indicator lights are much brighter and attention getting than the OE system that was still working. Now in bight daylight I see the turn and neutral lights activate with peripheral vision. Before I had to look directly at the lights to see them operate. I consider this a safety upgrade in addition to just looking better. I don’t have to look down to see if I left the turn signals on or if the oil or brake light suddenly indicates an issue while riding. Night time illumination of the tach and speedo is also improved. Great product that was easy to install. 
Jim Martinez –  1976 R90/6                                                                                                                    California


Kudos to Kat Connell and her new /6 light board! She shipped mine promptly and it was received in two days. Packing was excellent as were the instructions she included. It is an easy plug in. There was a bit of trouble with my installation but I’m taking full responsibility for it. These are forty year old machines and as a result one can expect contacts to be dirty, corroded, or both. Initially I didn’t pay enough attention to that. I sent an email to Kat with some questions and she responded promptly with a few suggestions, and also followed up with a diagram of the plug numbers. Some electrical cleaner, a q-tip or two, and burnishing the brass ferrules in the female plug holes took care of the dirt. She also included a new screw with cup to attach the plug to the case. This response solved my problem. Proof once again that coffee, divorce, and electrical connections all begin with good grounds. Thanks to Kat (and Paul) I can now clearly see my bright dash lights. Jan. 2017
Mike Crenshaw-   R90/6                                                                                                                                  Texas


Reviews from our Beta test bikes,  these prototype units have been installed since May 2016:


I had the honor of being one of Kat’s “Beta” testers. I installed the LED board in my ’77 R100S, and after confirming that it functioned as it should, parked the bike until dark when I took a road test. The lighting, both for illumination of the instruments and warning lamps, is superb. I’ve been working on BMW motorcycles for more than 40 years; the OEM light boards have been troublesome since they first arrived for 1974, and they haven’t got better as they got older. The airhead community is fortunate to have Kat’s design come along.
Bud Provin,  Nickwackett Garage                                                                                                            Vermont


I am a Beta tester of her /6 katdash light panel. It’s been in my 1974 R60/6 since May 2016 and has run flawlessly for 6,000 miles. The /6 Beta version fit inside the cluster just like the original panel. The LED lights are bright. I can see my high beam indicator even in daylight. Nice illumination of the tach and speedo. Jan. 2017
Michael Stock-    1974  R60/6                                    North Carolina



I was fortunate enough to be one of the beta testers for the prototype run of KatDash.  I replaced the fragile flex circuit in my 1975 R90S speedo/tach unit with one of Kathryn’s units in spring of 2016. Replacing the old guts with the new guts is easy, though it helps if you have some mechanical feel, as some of the screws thread into plastic, or into brass inserts molded into the instrument housing.  You don’t want to over-torque these screws and strip out the threads (or pull out the brass inserts). I think the installation might take an hour, tops, including R+R from the motorcycle.

The new dash lights are much brighter, easily seen in bright sunlight.The real improvement is that you should never have to worry about the flex circuit board going bad, as there’s no need to ever touch it. No longer do you have to worry that you’ll break off one of the flexible copper tabs when replacing a burned out lamp — the LEDs will not burn out in your lifetime, and they’re not a user-replaceable item anyway.
The only time you should have to go into the instrument cluster again is to service the speedo or tach every 100,000 miles or so. If you value your Airhead motorcycle, and you view yourself as it’s caretaker, this is an excellent upgrade that will help keep your bike working for a long time.
Bill Dudley, NJ Airmarshal  1975 R90S                                                                                                    New Jersey



I am one of the KATDASH beta testers. I am using the circuit board since May 2016 and I am very happy with it. I was really desperate for a replacement, after a terrible “accident” with the soldering iron. The old circuit was working based on tape and prayers. The beta test circuit worked fine through a very heavy rain one day in the Netherlands, and is now surviving a normal winter here in England: couple of nights with -5C, but mostly between 0C and 5C, and the bike is parked outside.    I haven’t been able to test it with hot weather. I stayed in England for the Summer, with one day at 30C, but most of the time it was 20C-24C.
Just wanted to add, Kat’s support was really good. I had some problems with my flasher relay, and she spent lots of effort to debug it with me, just to be sure it wasn’t the circuit but the relay itself. And even after that, she was very helpful in debugging the relay problem and advising on the correct relay.
Paulo Abreu-  1974 R90S                                                                                                                            England