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  • PLEASE look at your gauge prior to ordering to make sure you get the correct version. If you have any questions, call or email us. The units are not interchangeable, and are all different electrically. If you have any questions, please call us at 603.942.6761 or email: Kat  (trouble with the link? try: kat AT katdash DOT com)
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  • Shipping for 2 units will be $15, and they will be shipped insured, priority mail.
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  • Katdash units are not sold on a “try out” basis, and as any electrical part- they are not returnable.
  • Katdash units are warrantied against defects in parts, material and workmanship for 1 year from purchase. If anything goes wrong with it, send it back and we’ll fix it or replace it.
Special:  website only!!  A FREE instrument seal set is included with all KATDASH flex units !!




slash6centerKATDASH Slash 6

new flex circuit light board for 1974-1977 Instrument Pods with an amber turn signal at the bottom of the center dash

$130.00 + $11.50 shipping & handling (USA)



7880-litKATDASH 7880

new flex circuit light board for 1978-1980 Instrument Pods with a green turn signal at the top of the center dash, and the high beam indicator in the tachometer face

$130.00 + $11.50 shipping and handling (USA)



new flex circuit light board for 1981-1995 Instrument Pods with a green turn signal at the top of the center dash, and the high beam indicator at the bottom of the dash.

$130.00 + $11.50 shipping and handling (USA)


KATDASH GS pcb only     

Our new led circuit board for the 1980-90 GS & G/S bikes.

KATDASH GS (oem green turn indicator) PCB ONLY:  $75.00 + $10 shipping & handling (USA)




KATDASH GS complete telltale assembly                                              oem green turn signal indicator

Fits all GS & G/S bikes from 1980-1990. KATDASH GS Telltale with new led circuit board included (oem green turn indicator) :  $155.00 + $11.50 shipping & handling (USA)    Sorry: OUT OF STOCK






KATDASH GS complete telltale assembly                                              AMBER turn signal indicator

Fits all GS & G/S bikes from 1980-1990. KATDASH GS Telltale with new led circuit board included (new AMBER turn indicator) :  $155.00 + $11.50 shipping & handling (USA)









Additional Parts for your Instrument Pod:


 led lights for your voltmeter & clock:  The oem incandescent bulb in your voltmeter and clock will look a faded sickly yellow next to your new KATDASH instrument lights. These led have a wide angle viewing field (no focusing lens like others) to edge light your guage face like the original bulb.


2 led pack to light your voltmeter and clock bright white to match your KATDASH instruments: $6.00


BRIGHT white led for your GS speedometer: This is the larger size bayonet socket with several chips to give you a brightly lit gauge.

1 speedo led to light your gauge bright white: $4.00

US shipping for just these bulb packs will be $9.50 via USPS priority mail in a padded envelope.


BRIGHT white led for your Parking light socket: This is the larger size bayonet socket which fits the parking light in most Hella headlight assemblies.

1 Parking light led replacement bulb: $4

US shipping for just these bulb packs will be $9.50 via USPS priority mail in a padded envelope.


57-500: BRIGHT white LED 1156 Turn Signal Bulbs: This is a 4 pack of  bright LEDs, each bulb is 500 lux. These will fit ALL turn signal reflector sockets from 1970-1995. 57 bright white led chips with a clear silicone cap that makes them waterproof. You MUST install an electronic flasher relay compatible with leds!!  The stock flasher WILL NOT operate with led bulbs. Use the FL3 flasher (below) for 1974-80 bikes. See the Slash 5 page for the correct flasher relay for those bikes.  1981-1995 bikes: Sorry- you cannot install led bulbs in these bikes. More info on our FAQ page.

4 pack LED 1156 57-500-Turn Signal bulbs: $25.00


 Mounting screws for Rear Cover, Instruments and Light board: SS 3mm slot head machine screws for instruments with threaded inserts on the mounting posts- pack of 12


I am always losing one of these. And many instrument pods that have problematic light boards often have corroded screws. The dealers sell these for over $4 each. This is a pack of 12 for 8 bucks. Install them with a tiny dab of anti-seize.

Pack of 12:  3mm screws $8.00 with free shipping when you purchase a KATDASH light board


DeoxIT 2ml tube: DeoxIT electrical contact cleaner by Caig. This is THE stuff to use on all your electrical contacts on the bike.  

Deoxit disolves corrosion, Improves electrical contact and protects metal surfaces from new oxidation.

Comes with 2 dental brushes to clean corrosion and gunk from your instrument pod connector plug contact sockets. DeoxIT can, and should be used on all the electrical contacts all over your bike.

DeoxIT 2ml tube with 2 brushes: $5.00


Electronic Turn Signal Flasher Relay Kit for 1974-1980 Airheads

The FL3 flasher I’m offering here is a 3 pin electronic flasher, and will work with the standard 12v light bulb setup, and/or with led bulbs. This flasher comes with an angle bracket and I’m also supplying a mounting bolt & nut with it, dscn1972as well as some shrink wrap so it’s ready to install in your headlight bucket. It does NOT make any clicking sound or noise when the signals are activated! Please note: This is a flasher relay for the 1974-80 Airheads; version 1 & 2 of the instrument pod only!

Turn Signal Flasher Relay Kit for 1974-1980 Bikes:  $23.50 with free shipping when you purchase a KATDASH light board


BA7 Un-insulated socket

For /5 instrument lights, high beam indicator and clock and voltmeter lights on later bikes. Single spade terminal: they ground to the metal housing they are inserted in.  $7.50 each


Instrument Hoods

Replacement rubber hoods, or “trim shroud” that goes around the face of the instrument glass. (Instrument pod NOT included)

Helps to shade the instruments and make them more visible as well as help protect the glass from scratches. The original part is NLA. These are a quality reproduction made in Virgina by a small
hoods4Airhead shop. They do have a very slight molding seam around the outside, where the oem hoods are smooth. I don’t think it’s very noticeable and I have them on all my demo & test instruments in my office.

These fit all instrument pods from 1974-1995.

2 for $24 & free shipping with purchase of a KATDASH light board.

These are sold in pairs 


Phillips Oval Head Screws for the Outer Cover and Rubber Connector Plug:


SS #4 oval head sheet metal screws- 3 are used in the cover and 1 for the rubber connector plug. This kit contains 4 screws to replace your existing missing or rusty screws. (Cover & rear plug NOT included)

While helping others with their instrument mounting or dis-mounting, I have noticed that many of the rubber plugs have had the original screw installed too tight- so it’s drilled right thru the rubber plug. This kit also has an additional, 1/8” longer oval head screw and cup washer for use if the hole in your rubber plug has been oversized or damaged.

Pack of 5- SS screws & cup washer: $5.00  free shipping with purchase of KATDASH unit


Instrument Pod Seal Set: This 3 piece set includes both a new closed cell EPDM outer o-ring gasket, part # 62 11 1 356 671 and new adhesive backed,  right angle, neoprene seals for the rear cover lid, part # 62 11 1 358 114 with a left and right, peel and stick, adhesive backed seal. (rear cover not included)

 If the seals on your pod are more than 10 years old- they are too compressed and oxidized to be still sealing. Installing a new seal set will reduce 90% of instrument fogging issues. See the FAQ page for additional info & installation instructions.

Our Seal Set is included with each KATDASH purchase. If you need to order one separately they are $8.00