1991-95 GS & R

FITS 1991-95 R100GS, 1991-95 R100GS PD, and 91-95 R100R

This is not a replacement circuit board! These bikes DO NOT HAVE a circuit board for their warning light cluster. These bikes have a plastic frame with individual rubber bulb sockets for the 6 warning light indicators.

This is simply a kit with the correct size & color leds to replace your oem incandescent indicator bulbs. Changing from an incandescent bulb to a led will not fix any existing electrical circuit problems.



The filament in the incandescent bulb passes the current required to ‘excite’ the alternator and get your charging system charging. This is the same circuit on ALL of the BMW motorcycles from 1970-1995. When we have a circuit board to work on, we can add additional resistors to duplicate this required current- a led cannot pass enough current to excite the alternator. Since this is simply a set of led bulbs, there is no simple place to add a resistor in the circuit- and you MUST KEEP the oem charge bulb installed.

The 91-95 late GS & 100R kit:

Our led replacement kit consists of 5 small leds for your warning lights: 2 green turn, red oil, blue high beam, green neutral, and 2 large white bayonet leds for your speedometer and tachometer.  The larger white leds will light your gauges much better than the stock incandescent bulbs.

The main advantage, (other than reduced amp draw on your system) is a brighter turn signal, high beam and gauge lighting. The green led warning lights are visible in direct sun light. Led bulbs will also provide a longer life, and use a tenth of the amperage of an incandescent bulb.

Some will find the high beam too bright. Sometimes this can be modified by inserting a piece of dark blue cellophane in the inside of the high beam compartment, against the underside of the original lens- tack it in place with a dab of rubber cement. DO NOT do this if you keep the incandescent bulb! The heat from the incandescent will melt anything you put in there!  Otherwise- if you find the led to be too bright, then simply leave the oem bulb installed.

Order your late GS & R100R led kit on this page:

KATDASH 1991-95 GS led replacement bulb kit:

Kit includes 5 small colored leds to fit the rubber sockets of your warning light cluster, and 2 large white leds for your speedometer & tach for $24.00 + shippping.

US shipping for just these bulb packs will be $9.50 via USPS priority mail in a padded envelope.

Late GS kit Installation directions in pdf :  Late GS & R Kit install instructions